The ValuesCompass helps you become more aware of your capacity. The assessment measures our capacity to organize our thinking and emotions to process the world around us and ourselves. It provides the opportunity to experience the combination of talent that defines our uniqueness: the strengths and the biases that focus thinking, the natural skills we use from day-to-day to make decisions and the areas for development. Unlike a personality or aptitude test, the ValueCompass assessment provides an unbiased look at how you make decisions by looking at what you perceive as having value and what you disregard during your decision-making process.

Individual Benefits

  1. Defines your uniqueness borne from your talents
  2. Assists in your capacity analysis
  3. Identifies and filters your external thoughts
  4. Identifies your internal and environmental blind spots
  5. Create ideas and concepts through leveraging your thought processes
  6. Create and implement plans

Company Benefits

  1. Build well functioning teams
  2. Hire the right people for the correct position
  3. Risk management analysis
  4. Leadership and management development
  5. Individual assessment for growth and development plans
  6. Customer service initiatives
  7. Vocational counseling